Beta Readers

What is a Beta Reader?

What Is A Beta Reader?

Writing your own novel is an exciting experience. You pour your heart and soul into every page. To you, it is an absolute literary mater piece. As the next best-selling author, you have diligently self-edited it several times. Every sentence is perfect placed. Each character is so developed they could reach out and touch you. However, the time spent writing and reviewing your own novel can affect your objectivity. This is where a beta reader comes in.

So what is a beta reader? A beta reader gives you feedback on your book before you publish it. They are one of the last milestones before publication and provide you with unbiased critiques of your novel. Beta readers differ from a critiquing group. Although you may have multiple beta readers, they work independently from each other, forming their own opinions and feedback inputs. In fact, you are going to want to find two to six beta readers depending on the length of your novel. We’re not just saying that because we sell beta reading services, hire beta readers and help authors. Each beta reader gives a unique perspective on the book. Someone from the demographic that you are targeting may not feel that you’ve captured your villain enough. Another reader might believe that they are so dramatized they don’t feel real. Which reader is right? Are they both wrong? It is up to you to determine the best course of action for the book – and that’s a lot easier to do when there is a consensus between multiple people that have an interest in the story.

Beta readers can provide input based on what you ask of them. Some should read for plot holes, character development and other important pieces that make up your story. Others should focus on grammar, punctuation and the minute details that construct your novel. And here at Entrada, we look for it all. Each beta reader is given a worksheet that covers all the facets that any writer will want to know about their book.

You will want to find beta readers that have a range of characteristics. Doing this allows you to get feedback on multiple levels. First, you will want to find a beta reader or two who are members of your target audience. These readers share the age, gender or interests you believe your main audience will have. If you are writing a young adult paranormal romance, you probably are not going to want to ask your 85-year-old grandpa to test read your novel. In fact, skip mom and your significant other while you are at it. While they are probably your biggest supporters, their opinions may be too skewed to provide reliable feedback.

However, you are going to want to consider asking a reader who is not your target audience to review your masterpiece as well. This does not mean they have zero interest in your genre; but it should not be their first choice. There are two main reasons for this. The first: if they tell you they could not put it down, you know you have something great. Second, they are more likely to note the strengths and weaknesses in your novel. Readers who are not necessarily interested in your topic tend to focus on other things like grammar, plot, and character development. This does not mean that you should choose someone that hates romance to read your paranormal romance. But… asking thirteen-year-old Stacy to read your complete history of Charles Lindberg is unlikely to result in a constructive review.


Beta readers are able to provide genuine and objective perspectives on your novel. When you write a scene, you may envision it clearly. However, a reader may not actually picture the scene quite as you would. This may be due to miscommunications in writing. Additionally, when providing an explanation within your story, you may leave out vital pieces of information without realizing it. After all, you’ve played the scene over and over in your head. You know all of the steps. It is easy to overlook something your mind interprets as logical but you have forgotten to describe. Beta readers can also help evaluate how believable your characters, scenes and descriptions are.


You know you need them!
Beta readers provide a very important function. Their feedback can help you fill any gaps or holes that you did not realize you had left. When a beta reader finds an error, it does not mean you are a poor writer. Professional authors use beta readers as well. You should too! Let us help you take the guesswork out of finding a team of great and reliable betas to help with your beta reading your manuscript. We can help get you feedback in a little as two weeks!



One beta reader is $85.


We also offer beta reading in a group of three for $150.


This allows you to compare and contrast different view points, discover items from one reader that another may have overlooked and give you a better idea of how your work is received.


All beta readings will be completed within three weeks of receiving your manuscript.


Our goal is to provide our authors the highest quality help and value for the money spent.


Contact us at any time with questions or for help.



Hear what other authors have said about their beta reading experience!


Thanks for your help with my special circumstances and the timely response from the beta reader. - Karen


Thank you so much! Please extend my thanks to your beta reader. Her insights were excellent, and will help me improve my story. - Z. B.


The feedback is instructive.  I am glad we went back to repeat readers as they are confirming there were improvements in the areas I and my editor targeted. - M. T.


Wow! That was fast! ;) Loved the feedback and critiques… I was just picturing some comments in a Word file, so you guys went above and beyond with in-depth reporting! I’ve sung your praises over at Goodreads, so hopefully someone will get the hind and some business will come your way soon. :) Thanks again so much! These stories will be better because of you, and I’ll be sure to contact you again next October when I publish them so you can all get your complimentary eBooks. (The perks of being self-published…) - Jack



I will use all these comments to improve my story. I will definitely use your services again. - Georges E.


What a wonderful and necessary service you provide - this is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. If it is possible, could you please thank the beta readers for me, and especially pass along my thanks to the second reader (EML36) for the thorough comments and insights?  Combining the viewpoints and thoughts of the three, I now have some indication of what worked and what will need revision. I hope to make use of your company again sometime soon. All the best. - David A.


Thank you very much for these reports. I like how they're crafted, and they're of big help for me. - Cristelle C.


Thank you so much for this beta reading. It is so helpful and will help me revise the book appropriately to be even stronger. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Rachel L.


I want to thank you for your great service, they were truly awesome betas! - Tanor C.