Fine Tune Your Manuscript With Editing and Proofreading

For your book to be successful, it needs to be the very best that it can be. Typically, that needs to include a few rounds of editing and proofreading.


What's the difference between editing and proofreading?


Editors will help with the overall organization for your book. They deal with the content of your story and make sure that the elements stay organized. They ensure that characters are true to themselves, that story lines make sense and that there is consistency in the details. They keep your voice throughout your writing and take out grammar and spelling errors. Editing is not the same a rewriting. We do not rewrite your content for you but offer comments and feedback as to how your work can improve.


Proofreaders mainly deal with the mechanics of the book. They correct all the spelling, grammar and typos in the book. These changes include everything you would find using spell check, but our proofreaders go beyond that looking for subject-verb agreement, matching tense, reviewing charts and graphs, etc. Proofreading is the final step before publication.


Because there is some overlap between editing and proofreading, take the time to read the above descriptions so you can order the service that is best for the stage of your manuscript.


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