Getting Reader Reviews

Increase your readers by increasing your amount of reader reviews

For your book to be successful, it needs to be read. Sometimes it seems like the more reviews you have, the better your book sells. People typically like to read a book that someone can give a recommendation on. That's where we come in.


We offer three types of reader review services:


**Regular Reader Reviews


**Verified Purchase Reviews


**Media/Journalists/Blogger/ARC Reviews


These are all different from our professional editorial reviews.



Regular Reader Reviews


Regular Reader Reviews are reviews done by a casual reader. Your ultimate goal is to have as many of these as possible. These readers will post their reviews on Goodreads and on Amazon. These are real people, real readers that will leave you real feedback on your book.


The cost for reader reviews is $80 for 5 or $150 for 10. These will be posted on Amazon and Goodreads.



reader reviews





Verified Purchase Reviews



Verified Purchase Reviews are available for books available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. These reviews are done by customers who purchase on the site directly and so their review shows up as "verified purchase" to give them credibility. This also improves your ranking on the website to get more and more visibility for your book. All our reviewers are carefully screened and ALL will read your book and provide an honest review. We do not dictate the opinions of the reader and sometimes your review may not be positive, or as positive as you would like.


The cost for verified purchase reviews is $125 for 5 - This includes the cost of your book if it is under $5. If your book is over $5, please let us know after purchase so we can make the necessary arrangements with you.




verified purchase reviews





Media/Journalists/Blogger Reviews


Media/Journalists/Blogger/ARC Reviews are reviews that are done by the most credible agencies and individuals that we can offer. These can also include other influencers like teachers, librarians, bloggers, etc. Similar to NetGalley or other resources, we offer your book for review to many media, bloggers, journalists, etc. that match certain criteria between your book and their interests.


For example, we're not going to send a romance title to be reviewed by a children's journal. Your book will be available for thousands of qualified influencers to read. We give them the information about your book and your book's summary (which you will be able to review and adjust before it is sent out).


We will personally respond to every request for those who are interested in reading and reviewing your book. For those interested in sending hard copy books, this is available but not the preferred method as it is more expensive and time consuming for you, the author.


For titles with mass appeal, this may be the best value for the money. While no set number of reviews is guaranteed, we do guarantee that your book announcement/review request will be sent to all qualified members of our list based on your genre, typically in the hundreds, sometimes in the thousands. We will coordinate these reviews for you for as long as your book continues to generate requests. There are no contracts or hidden fees, just plain good customer service backed by a long list of book consuming readers.



The cost for this service is a one-time fee of $150.




Media blogger reviews










Not ready for reviews? Do you need beta reading?



Our goal is to provide our authors the highest quality help and value for the money spent.


Contact us at any time with questions or for help.