Book Trailer

Create a Book Trailer

A book trailer is a popular marketing tool writers sometimes use to market their new or upcoming book. It gives the reader a sense of drama and excitement for the upcoming book.


It can include video, quotes from reviews, pictures of the author and cover, etc. to give the reader a general sense of what they can expect from the upcoming book.


Book trailers are another way to generate buzz and interest in you and your work. Think of them as a mini-commercial for your story. However, all book trailers are not created equal. They can be as expensive as elaborate a clip of a cinematic feature or short. Or they can be much less expensive. It depends on your budget and what your vision is for the final product.


Are book trailer's worth it?


It really depends. A book trailer can be a vital part of your overall marketing plan. It is one more piece of marketing that can be shared with your audience, linked to on your blog, website or Facebook page. It can be listed in new and upcoming book videos. It can be shared among friends. And it has the possibility of going viral. That's a lot of bang for your buck.


Alone, a book trailer will struggle to get you the exposure that you want and need, but as a part of a strategic marketing plan, it can be totally worth it. Contact our creative team to get started.