You have the voice - it just needs a little clarity

At Entrada Publishing we have an entire staff of editors and proofreaders who are ready to make your manuscript perfect. Whether it is a children's book, a mystery novel or a science fiction thriller, we have the expertise to make sure that your debut into publishing the written word is well received on every level.


Beta Reading

What is beta reading? It's the feedback that will help take your manuscript to the next level.


In fact, we have an entire page on how beta reading can help transform your book from okay to truly great. After all, it's hard to find get a professional that can offer constructive criticism while not worrying about hurting your feelings.


In fact, we've got an entire PAGE on how beta reading can help you. To get started, take a look at our beta reading page.


Beta Reading



Proofreading and Editing

Not only do we offer simply proofreading, we can offer line edit, copy writing, and plot help.


If a full blown edit isn't in your budget, we can offer proofreading services and beta readers.


Beta reading service starts at just $89 and a basic grammar proofreading project starts at $3 per page, up to $6 per page based on the level of editing required.


Authors who have purchased beta reading or reviews get special pricing. Contact us directly for more details.



Here's what our authors have to say:


"I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service you provide. I’ve tried friends and relatives as readers with mixed results, and so know the value of an independent review.  The beta-readers each gave me suggestions and insights I wouldn’t have had without them, and it was interesting to see my story from their point of view.  I now know the parts that need more work and the effectiveness of the arch of the story. Please give my special thanks to reviewer ML9219 for going above and beyond and contributing edits that I’d missed. This is the fourth book that I’ve submitted for beta-review, and I couldn’t be happier with the comments on each one."

"Thank you for everything! I am very impressed with the professionalism of your company. The quick return and detailed feedback by the beta readers is amazing. I guess I now have some more work to do. :) I would highly recommend your company to other writers and thank you again for helping me in my writing venture."