Beta Readers

Beta readers & Pre-reading/reviewing

What is a beta reader and why do you need it?


A basic beta reader is basically anyone who reads your book in a mostly finished or unfinished form.


Most people start off by having their friends and family read their work as they go along. That's fine, but your friend isn't going to tell you that they don't like the main character. And your mom isn't going to say that the fight scene isn't realistic.


As willing as they are to help, they don't want to hurt your feelings.


We provide beta readers that are not only professional, but have experience in the literary world as an avid reader, blogger, writer, librarian, etc. They can provide insights on plot, character development, grammar, themes and more.


The best part of our beta reading program is not only will you get the feedback that you want with the honesty that you need - we will credit the cost of your beta reader to the price of a full, professional book review.


All beta readings include a detailed summary of the writer's strengths, weaknesses, plot issues, character development, dialog concerns/comments and more.




One beta reader is $85.


We also offer beta reading in a group of three for $150.


This allows you to compare and contrast different view points, discover items from one reader that another may have overlooked and give you a better idea of how your work is received.


All beta readings will be completed within three weeks of receiving your manuscript.


Our goal is to provide our authors the highest quality help and value for the money spent.


Contact us at any time with questions or for help.



Hear what other authors have said about their beta reading experience!


This is wonderful.  Thank you very much...Thanks was worth every penny! - Christine M.


Thank you so much! Please extend my thanks to your beta reader. Her insights were excellent, and will help me improve my story. - Z. B.


The feedback is instructive.  I am glad we went back to repeat readers as they are confirming there were improvements in the areas I and my editor targeted. - M. T.


I will use all these comments to improve my story. I will definitely use your services again. - Georges E.


What a wonderful and necessary service you provide - this is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. If it is possible, could you please thank the beta readers for me, and especially pass along my thanks to the second reader (EML36) for the thorough comments and insights?  Combining the viewpoints and thoughts of the three, I now have some indication of what worked and what will need revision. I hope to make use of your company again sometime soon. All the best. - David A.


Thank you very much for these reports. I like how they're crafted, and they're of big help for me. - Cristelle C.


Thank you so much for this beta reading. It is so helpful and will help me revise the book appropriately to be even stronger. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Rachel L.


I want to thank you for your great service, they were truly awesome betas! - Tanor C.