Entrada Publishing Seeking Submissions

At Entrada Publishing, we are always seeking submissions. We LOVE reading your manuscripts, in rough or polished form. When we find a particularly compelling story in something that we are editing or proofreading, we may approach you to publish your book.


When a book is submitted for beta reading or a book review, our editors look for key indicators that demonstrate if your book is a good candidate for us to publish. If selected, we handle the development, editing, printing and other costs associated with producing a top quality book and pay you a royalty. We will represent the book for marketing and distribution purposes, including making the title available for sale on several outlets such as Amazon, Alibris, Barnes and Noble, etc.


Do you have to be our customer to have your book published by us? No. We receive a large amount of manuscripts to review so there may be a delay of up to eight weeks for a postive/negative response. However, authors with a special topic, background, purpose, expertise, etc. may be the exception. You can send your query letter and/or chapter samples to us at: and let us know why you would be a good fit for us.


We accept submissions for any genre except erotica.


For those books which we decline to publish, we can help the author self-publish through our same high quality book printing connections, including eBook design. Please contact us for more information.


Our goal is to provide our authors the highest quality help and value for the money spent.




Books published by Entrada Publishing include:


Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard - Book 1 by Vance Huxley


Fall of the Cities: Putting Down Roots - Book 2 by Vance Huxley


Fall of the Cities: Branching Out - Book 3 by Vance Huxley


The Forest and the Farm by Vance Huxley


INFECtIOUS - Book 1 by Elizabeth Forkey


IMMACULAtE - Book 2 by Elizabeth Forkey


The Shattered Stars: Breach of Contract - Book 1 by Vance Huxley


South of Main Street by Robert Gately


Whispers of the Past by Lena Roach







Contact us at any time with questions or for help.