Cracking Writer's Block

5 Tips to Crack Writer's Block

Your passion is writing. Writer’s block can be an aggravating obstacle, to the say the least. Below are five tips that can help you break the cycle and clear your writer’s block.

Tip #1: Create a Designated Writing Schedule…Or Break One!
There are two lines of thinking here. If you do not typically set a schedule, try doing it. The more you practice your writing, the easier it becomes. By scheduling a dedicated time and place for you to write, you can get those juices flowing. This uninterrupted time to practice your craft can establish a creative cycle. However, if you typically do write on a schedule, shake it up and try freewriting anytime a thought comes to you. If you write at a set time and location, writer’s block can make your scheduled work time feel demotivating and frustrate you even further. Switch it up!

Tip #2: Talk to Your Friend…Or Your Imaginary Friend
A friend can lend an ear to any venting or ideas you may have. However, friends may be inclined to agreeing with you or inserting their own opinions. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. But it may frustrate you even further. Frankly, bouncing my ideas off my dog gives me a chance to talk over any ideas, frustrations, or questions I have without feeling judged or being told I am wrong. Aside from the occasional bark and lick, my dog never approves or disapproves of any of my ideas. He just patiently listens while I yammer on. Talking about my writing or any issues holding me up is therapeutic. It also sounds odd but saying all of this aloud helps me really get through my struggles. If you do not have a pet, talk to yourself. You would be surprised at how fast thoughts flow when you say them out loud.

Tip #3: Relax, Exercise or Get Cleaning
Part of the writer’s block cycle is the frustration it causes. The more frustrated you get, the more severe your writer’s block becomes. So stop. Take a break. Deadlines can make stepping away feel more cumbersome. However, sitting at your desk, frustrated, and not writing a single acceptable sentence gets you nowhere. So give yourself permission to spend some time on yourself. Relax a bit. Read a book or piece from an author your love. Perhaps you will come across something you would like to write about. Enjoy a nice bubble bath. Let your muscles unwind and your mind drift as you relax in the warm, sudsy, aromatic bubbles. Get in a good workout. Sweating out those frustrations can help clear your mind! Try cleaning. Sometimes a cluttered workspace, kitchen or room can impede your thought process. Psychologists often point out that cleaning can be therapeutic. Try it. Maybe those cluttered dishes in the sink are more distracting than you realize.

Tip #4: Stop Trying to Be So Perfect!
One common way to stall your creativity is trying to be perfect on your first draft. It can be frustrating when your sentences seem off or the punctuation is wrong. If this is your first draft, cut yourself a break. Not every sentence needs to perfect early in the writing process. You have time to fix any issues later. If your need to be right on your first attempt is slowing the flow, ease up! Get your thoughts written down and go from there.

Tip #5: Take a Vacation
Sometimes, the short hour-or-so breaks are not enough. Writing may be your passion, but it is a job and it takes a lot of work. Whether you love your job or hate it, everyone needs a break. Do yourself a favor and take some time off. Spend a day visiting a local place you love. Go on a weekend camping trip if nature spurs your imagination. Plan a weeklong destination trip and take in the sights, sounds, smells and feelings. Enjoy a cruise. Island hopping can give you a multitude of new sensations and experiences that may help you get your writing mojo back.


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