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H2LiftShips - BosonsWave

By Bob Freeman

Payne's Limit Cover  


Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-1644564837

Date Reviewed: Sept 18, 2023

Release Date: August 3, 2022



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Bosons Wave is the third installment in the LiftShip Story. Author Bob Freeman keeps the excitement and adventure going in his latest science fiction novel. Readers new to the series may mistakenly roll their eyes, thinking it's another book with a Star Trek theme, but nothing is further from the truth. Bob Freeman's imaginative series takes readers on an unforgettable adventure while also touching on some subjects left out by mainstream science fiction novels and TV shows.

Bosons Wave continues the story of Captain Graceita and her crew. The canines and octopus are also back to delight readers. With his trademark sense of humor, Bob Freeman reminds us of the importance of laughter even when there is a potential war on the horizon. The HiveMother at the Heliopause is fighting with the HiveSisters in the Heliotail. A bioGel war seems to be looming as the Solar Sail crew on the Bosons Wave, led by Heliospheric Navy's Caption Herb, an Eastern mountain gorilla, tries to fight algae rocket ships for control over the bioGels.

One side is supported by weapons and tools that include a tomato. The other side is a collective of angry bioGel computers and not-so-intelligent algae. Suddenly, Captain Graceita and the Heliospheric Navy find themselves in the center of the brewing trouble.

The leading edge of the heliopause sparkled as cosmic rays, photons, dust particles, and dark energy hit Sol's cold border. It was the void, but not empty. The sentients on the stabilized asteroid managed the maturation of young gels for the bioGel Consortium. Gellact/6 headed toward the cafeteria to pick up his crew and find the assignment for the work session. His comm flashed the active work color, orange this time, and the selected worker's comms lit up to match. "OK, you workologists, clear up your plates and join me at the upper airlock ready room." It was the usual assortment of primates, canines, and octopuses, able to handle any situation they might find. Each member was dressed in their spacesuits, ready to work. The bulky suits, with a block of gray goo in a backpack, hid their features. Only arm length, count, and uncovered heads indicated the sentient's species.

Freeman is taking fans back to Sol. Bringing back beloved characters, he is also introducing readers to new ones in Bosons Wave. His expressive writing style draws readers immediately into the story and makes it easy to believe an octopus can make an effective workologist. Don't forget about the canines or the gorilla captaining a starship.

Bosons Wave is impossible to compare to other science fiction books. It, and the first two installments in the trilogy, are set apart by both the author's humorous writing and descriptive text. If you are searching for something fresh and new in the genre, the H2LiftShip series is worth checking out.


"OK, you workologists, clear up your plates and join me at the upper airlock ready room."

About the Author - Bob Freeman




Bob Freeman

Anaerobic Microbiologist exploring Lignin Degradation. Public Health Microbiologist/Lab Director, playing with all of the deadly, infectious organisms of the time. Software Designer (Laboratory Information Systems) A writer of an untold number of protocols, procedures, and instructional scientific manuals considered by many to be SciFi. Builder and welder of many poorly designed devices and structures. Owned by numerous Australian shepherds over the years.

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