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Kahana - The Untold Stories

By Ann Marie Kennedy

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Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-1087864877

Date Reviewed: September 18, 2020

Release Date: February 11, 2020



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KAHANA - The Untold Stories by Ann Kennedy is a fictional story written as an autobiography that is loosely based on true events. The book is classified as a young adult novel but in reality, it is one that any reader will enjoy. The historical and adventure book follows Kim Kahana from childhood through the Korean War and eventually to Hollywood. Once you pick the book up, you won't want to put it down until the end.

The book begins with an ancient Hawaiian proverb, "No cliff is so tall that it cannot be climbed." From here readers meet the future Hollywood stuntman during his childhood in Hawaii in the days before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. Ann Kennedy does an impressive job describing what life was like for the island's residents after December 7th, 1941. She describes in vivid detail what Kim and his friends saw when the Japanese bombers appeared on the horizon, along with the hardships they faced when Martial Law was declared.

After the war, and with four years of martial arts training under his belt, Kim left Hawaii and made his way to New York City. The author is able to bring readers along for his journey from San Francisco to the Big Apple.

Some readers might find it difficult to follow Kim Kahana through the Korean War. Her knowledge of this period in history comes through with surprising details and accuracy. She does not shy away from the injuries Kim sustains or the courage he shows as he learns to overcome his disabilities that finally land him in Hollywood as a famous stuntman.

Ann Kennedy has taken a story of hardship and loss and turned it into a tale of hope and courage. While this is a fictional novel, the man is a real-life hero that the author has ensured that everyone knows. Readers will find it hard to say "goodbye" to Kim when the last page is turned.


"No cliff is so tall that it cannot be climbed."

About the Author - Ann Marie Kennedy



Ann is passionate about education. She always takes an active role in projects that combine education with fun, worthwhile activities. She has shown her expertise in education, writing, producing and directing, theater productions, live fundraising events and television shows. She was a certified Florida teacher for Elementary through High School children. She was thrilled to receive an award from the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts for outstanding achievement. She also received an honorary award from Beverly Hills Theater Guild for her writing of an inter generational play entitled, A Forgotten Treasure, which was produced in North Carolina. She produced and wrote sixty episodes of the popular cable TV series, "Tampa Bay Connection". The TV series aired on Vision Cable, Time Warner, Paragon Cable, Miami Cable Tap, ASCAN in Atlanta, and PAC 8 in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, New Mexico for four years. She received 9 Best 1st place awards in the categories of Documentary, Public Affairs, Entertainment and Performing Arts. After Tampa Bay Connection, Ann produced and wrote another 1st place cable award winning television series entitled Teens Bay Area Connection. The series aired four years at Time Warner.


She received eight 1st place awards in the categories of Youth, Performing Arts and Public Affairs/Current Events. Both of these television series focused on entertainment combined with education. Some of her other writing credits include: "Love City" for John Glad Entertainment; "The Manatee" for Robert Graff Productions "The Wedding of The Century" performed at the Don CeSar and "The Christening Caper performed at Ruth Eckerd's Marguerite Great Room. The Christening Caper was runner-up for first place award for the PITCH ME contest sponsored by Microsoft at NATPE in Las Vegas. The PITCH ME contest aired all the Las Vegas Hotels and the in Microsoft press and their national Newsletter. Some of her other credits include: Writing and teaching on camera, a series of short episodes on Expert Village, that began airing in 2008. These lessons provide methods for parents to teach their children how to read with games, reading and thinking aloud. The episodes have 2.4k, 41,000 and 18k views. She was also the Director for City of Portsmouth's City Theater Touring Theater; The City of Largo's "Sneaker Theater"; Junior Welfare Grant-"Why Do Little Children Sing", A.D. for the TV pilot "Kidz Korner" and Art-Pepin's "World's Most Unusual Party" at the Sun Dome. She also was on the entertainment committee for three years for the St. Petersburg Film Commission. She wrote and directed their show's entertainment for their galas. She also was an Explorer Adviser for the first performing arts troupe in the nation for Boy Scouts of America-Explorer Division's successful show fundraisers.

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