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Payne's Limit

By Timothy W. Sparks

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Pages: 288


Date Reviewed: November 24, 2021

Release Date: August 22, 2021



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Payne's Limit by Timothy W. Sparks is a riveting thriller that will have readers guessing until the heart-stopping end. The plot is filled with twists and turns, some are excepted while others will have you thumbing back through the book to see if any clues were missed. Payne's Limit is also a fun read with a little something for everyone.

"Payne!" The prisoner cocked his head, but he continued working. "Payne!" hollered Kowalski again. "You have a visitor!" Payne picked up another sheet of plywood. "Come on, Payne." "Sir, I'm almost done." "Grady will finish," said the guard. "Go. Take a break. Somebody on the outside wants to have a chat."

Former Dr. Dan Payne is in Walla Walla State Prison serving a 20-year sentence for a murder he did not commit. The pediatrician is framed for the murder of a nine-year-old boy, and two years into his sentence he is given an interesting proposition. He can transfer to a home incarceration program setup. The home incarceration program doesn't mean he has more freedom, instead, his jailor is the sadistic tire store manager Karl Newman.

Dr. Payne is locked in a basement cell, and his only contact is with Karl and his young wife Willow. Everything from the room's temperature to his mealtimes is automated by a computer system, and Karl Newman controls the speaker. Dan can only talk to Karl when the speaker is activated. The home incarceration system also comes with a remote that delivers a painful jolt every time Karl feels Dan is getting out of line. In the hands of Karl, the remote delivers plenty of pain. It only gets worse when the remote falls into the hands of the Newman family's 12-year-old son.

Dan easily figures out he's not cut off from all communication. He can hear the Newman family through the plumbing. He learns Karl is just as cruel to Willow, and it becomes Dan's mission to keep her safe. In the outside world, two police detectives are finding themselves entangled in Dan's case. His transfer into the home incarceration system has made it impossible for the people who framed him to track his movements. Their killing spree drags the police into the old murder case.

Payne's Limit follows the emotional torture of an innocent man who believes he has lost everything. In a sense, it's also a story of revenge and redemption. Will the Washington state detectives realize the boy's grandfather is the murder? Will Dan be able to protect Willow from her husband and the men who framed him?

Timothy W. Sparks has created an exciting story. It has all of the elements of a nail-biting thriller, with plenty of humanity mixed in. Once you start reading Payne's Limit, you'll find it hard to put down until the end.


"Go. Take a break. Somebody on the outside wants to have a chat."

About the Author - Timothy W. Sparks




Timothy W Sparks Headshot

Growing up Tim Sparks learned he possessed a creative mind. The encouragement he received directed him to drawing and painting all through high school. The Vietnam war called and he joined the US Air Force and became a Security Police Sentry Dog Handler. A tour in Thailand and one in Vietnam seasoned him, and for a long time, defined him.


Back to the fine arts, he became dissatisfied with his skill and he chose a career as a drafter/designer and retired to paint with watercolors. During that time he and his late wife traveled the world to faraway places like Tonga, Madagascar, Borneo, Brazil, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Africa, and South Georgia. Just as his confidence in his art bloomed, arthritis hampered his work. Then he began writing, and writing, and soon he realized his true calling. Timothy W. Sparks is an author. His writing reflects his life experiences and his imagination knows no limits.

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