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The Siddartha Formula Tales

By Timothy W. Sparks

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Pages: 273


Date Reviewed: November 24, 2021

Release Date: November 21, 2021



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The Siddhartha Formula Tales by Timothy W. Sparks is a science-fiction novel that makes readers question their beliefs and reexamine history. It's also part thriller, with plenty of action and suspense. It's a fast-paced story beginning in the 1920s and going into a vividly imagined future.

Dr. Peter Sorenson is trying to prove reincarnation is a scientific fact. The biochemist researcher is finally ready to test his formula on humans in the early 1920s. Combining the Siddhartha formula with genetic material from a nearby white oak tree, Dr. Sorenson injects his first human patient, a dying gentleman named Evan Broeder.

The story jumps ahead sixteen years to teenager Sally Durban. Passing by the oak tree, she briefly touches it with her hand. Suddenly, the white oak tree crumbles into a pile of ash, and Sally is telling everyone she is Evan Broeder. Dr. Sorenson quickly realizes what the death of the white oak tree means for his experiment. The tree's soul is gone forever, meaning anyone with a similar tag will not reincarnate.

Desperate for funding to further advance his work, Sorenson pitches his theory to the federal government. The possibility of eliminating evil is intriguing, and the DOJ sanctions and funds the development of his revolutionary formula. It's the start of an estimated ten generation goal to prevent certain individuals from going through the natural reincarnation process.

"From one thousand hypnosis subjects, Dr. Peter Sorenson had identified three with past life memories. And from one thousand blood samples, he had found an unidentified biochemical compound in only three subjects: the same three subjects who recalled their past lives. For six months, he had been experimenting with the compound, trying to recreate it, and now he had results. His spectacles kept slipping, and Dr. Sorenson couldn't keep the chalk in his hand. From his notes, he outlined the formula on the blackboard, revealing how the various molecules combined."

The Siddhartha Formula is a fascinating story touching on a subject millions of people believe in. It shows how good intentions can have disastrous effects on future generations. While science does play a large role in the story, it does not slow the fast-moving plot down. It's a fun and exciting read from beginning to end.

Author Timothy W. Sparks has created an alternative history for the world and made it believable. With characters everyone can identify with, it's easy to get lost in the story. The artist turned author has shown readers once again, he is as creative with a pen as he is with a paintbrush.


"From one thousand hypnosis subjects, Dr. Peter Sorenson had identified three with past life memories."

About the Author - Timothy W. Sparks




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Growing up Tim Sparks learned he possessed a creative mind. The encouragement he received directed him to drawing and painting all through high school. The Vietnam war called and he joined the US Air Force and became a Security Police Sentry Dog Handler. A tour in Thailand and one in Vietnam seasoned him, and for a long time, defined him.


Back to the fine arts, he became dissatisfied with his skill and he chose a career as a drafter/designer and retired to paint with watercolors. During that time he and his late wife traveled the world to faraway places like Tonga, Madagascar, Borneo, Brazil, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Africa, and South Georgia. Just as his confidence in his art bloomed, arthritis hampered his work. Then he began writing, and writing, and soon he realized his true calling. Timothy W. Sparks is an author. His writing reflects his life experiences and his imagination knows no limits.

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