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Chloe by Design - Balancing Act

by Margaret Gurevich - Illustrated by Brooke Hagel


ISBN: 97816237025880

Pages: 384

Publisher: Capstone Young Readers

Date Reviewed: April 4, 2015

Release Date: September 1, 2015


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Chloe Montgomery has just won the reality television competition Teen Design Diva and has won a prestigious summer internship with Stefan Meyers in New York City. Spending the summer working at a fashion label, living in the Fashion Institute of Technology dorms and designing is more than a dream come true. A talented designer, Chloe is up to the task, but being on her own without her best friend Alex or her mom will be a challenge. There is a lot more to learn in the industry besides paisley's and pumps. Chloe will spend time tackling every aspect of the industry in preparation for Fashion Week, the most important design event of the year. Balancing work, friends, a cute boy and mean girls is more than enough to keep her hopping.

This peek into the fashion industry may be intended for younger readers, but older readers will not be disappointed. Chloe is incredibly likeable and realistic. Although she is very mature for a sixteen year old girl, she still responds and reacts genuinely in the situations placed before her, and not always in the right way. Chloe learns the ins and the outs of the different details and departments associated in the fashion industry and as a result, the reader learns along with her. Included in the book are beautiful journal entries and sketches of outfits.

A well written and interesting read. One of the few books that is completely clean without sacrificing writing or storyline. Recommended for readers ages 9-12. This series will become a staple for fashion forward teens.


“You want me to read fashion mags all day? I ask....Best. Assignment. Ever."

About the Author - Margaret Gurevich


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Margaret Gurevich has wanted to be a writer since second grade and loves writing for kids of all ages. She has written for all sorts of magazines including Girls' Life, SELF, and Ladies' Home Journal. Her first YA novel, Inconvenient, was a Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Teens, and her second novel, Pieces of Us, garnered positive reviews from Kirkus, Voya, and Publishers Weekly, which called it "painfully believable." When not writing, Margaret enjoys hiking, cooking, reading, watching too much television, and spending time with her husband and son.


She enjoys keeping her readers updated, sharing tidbits and other fun on social media.

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