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The Deadly Serious Republic

By David Crawford

Deadly Serious Republic Cover  


Pages: 257

Date Reviewed: July 27, 2020

Release Date: November 11, 2019

ASIN: B081633849



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David Crawford's The Deadly Serious Republic is a satirical novel that deals with issues that are affecting societies around the world. It is a novel about wealth, poverty, politics, and ultimately the unlikely friendship between Max and Memie.

In the foreword, author David Crawford points out that readers will often be able to draw parallels between their countries and his fictional Deadly Serious Republic. Along with writing a compelling story, it is also one created to make readers stop and think about the state of their society.

Born in England and living in Australia, D. Crawford has lived a full life and it's these experiences that the author incorporates into his novels. His varied work experience allowed author David Crawford the chance to meet a variety of people from different backgrounds each with unique views on life. The impacts the author's ability to create relatable characters keeps readers interested in the unfolding plot.

While relatable characters are a primary ingredient in any novel, the storyline is equally important and David Crawford succeeds brilliantly. Readers will become engrossed in the well-thought-out and written plot that comes with a few unexpected surprises.

The problems plaguing The Deadly Serious Republic mirror many of the issues readers see going on in their cities and countries. The names for political organizations and counter-culture movements might be satirical in the novel, even evoking a laugh. However, this also helps to remind us that our lives could easily be Max and Memie.

The Deadly Serious Republic begins by introducing readers to Max, a poor, immigrant boy with an Irish father and a Hispanic mother. His story eventually merges with Memie and her pet pig Comrade Potty. Memie is one of the Super Rich and Max becomes her friend and bodyguard. Even with different backgrounds and political views, a strong friendship slowly evolves between the two teens.

The author does tackle weighty subjects in the novel but it still manages to keep a light tone. Even dire warning signs can elicit chuckles from readers.

It is hard not to laugh at the absurdity of this and other jabs at modern political systems that appear throughout the book. Readers do not have to be interested in politics to enjoy settling in with The Deadly Serious Republic. It is a fun read that will occasionally make you stop and think about events that are happening today. The book might not have intended to have a message for readers but it does. The Deadly Serious Republic reminds readers that people with nothing in common can be friends and even discover they have a common goal.




"Comred Visitors Are Warned That Due Care Be Taken When Purchasing Politically Sensitive Material. The Management of the Great Red Mountain Accept No Responsibility For The Arrest, Torture, Imprisonment, And Unexplained Disappearances That May Befall Visitors When They Return Home."

About the Author - David Crawford





Born in England, Crawford migrated to Australia at the age of seventeen. Early employment included five years on a sheep station. Later, he was employed as a field assistant on the rice research station at Humpty Doo outside Darwin. While there, he restarted his school studies, battling with my childhood dyslexia. In time, he gained a place in university and later added a master of science degree to his BSc. In the meantime, he was married, started a family, and worked as a technical officer in agriculture research. Moving on, he gained a teacher’s qualification and taught school science. His first teaching position was in the town of Hay, not far from where he mustered sheep all those years earlier. While he has retired from teaching, but at the age of seventy, he still works in a high school.


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