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Faceless Fox

By Edward Vogler

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Pages: 169


Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date Reviewed: November 20, 2020

Release Date: July 29, 2020



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Get ready for a fun and exciting ride with Faceless Fox by Edward Vogler. The crime drama will keep readers engrossed in the story until the end. It is entertaining and occasionally dark, but the book also stays true to the genre. It comes with a street-wise detective and plenty of crime and action. Detective Rick Hill has a reputation, and it's not a good one. He doesn't mind bending the rules if it solves a case. Bullets flying around also doesn't faze Rick Hill, like any good detective he's seen plenty of action. In Faceless Fox, Detective Hill is severely tested both by a gruesome crime and office politics. Adding to his problems is the rookie detective he's saddled with training. Wondering if the rookie is here to replace him is a question Detective Hill ponders as he's trying to meet his superior's impossible timeline.

Rick's boss is pushing him to quickly solve the case and they're watching his every move. The FBI is watching him and he wants to show that he's ready to become a federal agent. With his boss growing even more impatient, Rick takes the biggest gamble of his life. His risky and unconventional plan didn't stop the drugs that were flowing into the city. Worse, he didn't capture the killer.

Just when readers think life can't get any worse for Rick Hill, there is another unpleasant surprise. It seems that Detective Hill has been keeping secrets and everyone finds out that he's not the person they thought they knew. The drama heats up when Rick has to make his decision. Who or what will he sacrifice in the end?

Will he give up his career and acceptance into the FBI? What about his family? Will, he chose to protect them? There is someone in his family that could face life in prison, or worse, the death penalty. Readers won't find out until the end.

Edward Vogler's writing is descriptive without slowing the narrative down. Sentences are short and to the point, while still flowing smoothly. The plot twists keep the crime drama fresh and entertaining, and the author handles all of them without disrupting the story. All storylines blend together for an exciting read.

The main characters are well-developed, even with their often short conversations. Vogler does an excellent job of portraying their thoughts to readers. The Faceless Fox by Edward Vogler is a great way to escape for a few hours. The drama, suspense, and action will keep readers wanting more.


"Rick drove the black unmarked Ford Crown Victoria toward Frenchy's, eager to examine the club for evidence with the Crime Lab folks. He lived for moments like these and would rejoice when locating hidden pieces of evidence the Crime Lab might have missed."

About the Author - Edward Vogler


Edward Vogler


Edward Vogler, author of over a hundred short stories has provided joy for many readers in the Tampa Bay area. He satisfies his writing passion by writing between his many ventures throughout the Caribbean and Western Europe while sometimes settles under the shade of a palm tree with tablet in hand on his special Florida beach. This Marine Corps Vet and Commercial Pilot proudly announces his eight novel, Faceless Fox, a fictional crime novel available July 2020.
Google ‘Author Edward Vogler’ and visit his website for additional information on him or his stories. Send him a note at He is delighted to receive your note and promises to personally reply to all messages. He is not a spammer.



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