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By Timothy W. Sparks

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Pages: 331


Date Reviewed: November 11, 2021

Release Date: August 12, 2021



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Forever by Timothy Sparks is not your standard apocalyptic science fiction novel. It throws in a few elements of horror, giving readers a nail-biting story. It's a book that will have you eagerly turning the pages until the end.

The world we know no longer exists. Climate change, along with civil, nuclear, and supply wars, has turned the earth into a vast wasteland. Devoid of rain, survivors try to eke out an existence with the few remaining precious resources.

It's not only the lack of water threatening humanity night-crows present another danger. The intelligent birds hunt together tracking unsuspecting travelers when the sun goes down. Anyone out after dark is in constant danger from a murder of crows.

"Thirty or more night-crows broke the silence with a hundred decibels of cawing above, and the nocturnal birds dove onto them. The murder of night-crows broke into two. One group came down on the center from above, while the other band attacked the rear from just above ground level. Danny held his baton over his shoulder like a golf club."

The novel is set in Forever, Oregon, where the survivors only move around at night scavenging for supplies. Brother Shuttlesworth's appearance in the town gives the residents a slight glimmer of hope for their future. The robed stranger stole NOAH, a miraculous machine, and he brought it to Forever. NOAH is the acronym for Nuclear Ozone Amplifying Hydro generator. It produces expanding water bubbles. Unfortunately, Brother Shuttlesworth did not steal the manual. He can only use a small fraction of the generator's capabilities.

Who is Brother Shuttlesworth? It is only one of the mysteries residents in Forever need to answer. With help from newly found allies, they will try to create a new world.

Forever by Timothy Sparks is a dark novel. It has all of the elements of a sci-fi/horror novel, but it also has hope. It is an entertaining story with plenty of plot twists and surprises. It's not a novel where you can guess the ending. It's one of the aspects that makes Forever hard to put down.

Sparks has created a vision for the world we can imagine. The threat of nuclear war is a danger. His characters, from Alex to Brother Shuttlesworth, are well-rounded with depth. It's easy to identify with Forever's guards excited to finally have a beer. It's a novel that makes you care about the people of Forever.

Forever is not a true science fiction novel, and it's the same for the horror genre. It is an interesting blend of the two genres, and it makes for a compelling story. Anyone ready to try something new should pick up a copy of Forever.


"Thirty or more night-crows broke the silence with a hundred decibels of cawing above, and the nocturnal birds dove onto them. The murder of night-crows broke into two."

About the Author - Timothy W. Sparks




Timothy W Sparks Headshot

Growing up Tim Sparks learned he possessed a creative mind. The encouragement he received directed him to drawing and painting all through high school. The Vietnam war called and he joined the US Air Force and became a Security Police Sentry Dog Handler. A tour in Thailand and one in Vietnam seasoned him, and for a long time, defined him.


Back to the fine arts, he became dissatisfied with his skill and he chose a career as a drafter/designer and retired to paint with watercolors. During that time he and his late wife traveled the world to faraway places like Tonga, Madagascar, Borneo, Brazil, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Africa, and South Georgia. Just as his confidence in his art bloomed, arthritis hampered his work. Then he began writing, and writing, and soon he realized his true calling. Timothy W. Sparks is an author. His writing reflects his life experiences and his imagination knows no limits.

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