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by Sabrina Steward



Pages: 148

Publisher: Sabrina Steward

Date Reviewed: September 21, 2015

Release Date: April 9, 2015


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Sofia's story begins as a lonely, shy high school freshman. Her family has just moved and she doesn't know anyone at her new school. Cheerleading tryouts are the second week of school and she tries out for the squad, believing it will help her make new friends. Happily, she is accepted and she does make new friends and becomes part of the popular crowd of the school.

Sofia also has a secret. She carefully hides how dysfunctional her family is. Her parents fight constantly but appear happily married to everyone else. Her mom has a drinking problem and as the story unfolds, it is revealed her mom is a lesbian. Sofia desperately wants to get away from her home and cannot wait to go to college.

Her parents get a divorce so she can qualify for grants for college and Sofia teaches dance classes to help make ends meet. She meets and falls in love with Justin, but after several months, she becomes concerned with some of his behaviors. He likes to use drugs and also cheats on her, but she cannot bring herself to break up with him. Until the day she discovers she is pregnant at 18.

Justin asks her to marry him, but she realizes that he is the wrong man for her and decides to abort the baby after picturing the life her baby will have – stuck in day care every day while she works to support them and their little family crammed into Justin's mom's house. It was not an easy decision for her, but the only one she feels she has. Sofia has no one to talk to about her options and makes the only choice she thinks she has.

After the abortion, Sofia realizes she needs to forgive her parents and Justin for not being the people she needs them to be. She also needs to forgive herself for having the abortion. Another tragedy occurs in her family and she is finally able to choose where she wants and needs her life to go. This book covers difficult adult situations and their consequences.


"Every person that comes into your life, comes to serve a purpose."

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