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The Girl in my Mirror

By Gina Karasek

The Girl in my Mirror  


Pages: 270

ISBN: 9781729489871

Date Reviewed: July 23, 2019

Release Date: November 3, 2018



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The reader is pulled into the seemingly perfect life of Derry as she navigates her way through college classes, relationship and a social life, but not all is as it seems. Imagine looking in the mirror but not seeing you staring back, seeing something so much worse. This is what Derry has to face every day. Gina Karasek has creatively blended the normal aspects of every college student's life with the darkened hurdles that Derry has to navigate within herself.

The Girl in My Mirror takes an interesting look into the human psyche and how a person that appears normal can slowly unravel due to unforeseen circumstances. This novel is a delightful psychological thriller exploring Derry's mind as it slowly untangles and changes the world around her. Karasek has skilfully created a character, in Derry, that the reader cannot help but sympathise with as she slowly starts to lose grip of reality. It's the slow burn of insanity that builds from chapter to chapter that provides a truly intriguing read; even more so due to Karasek's inclusion of the human element of not only Derry but her family and friends. The Girl in My Mirror highlights the fact that mental health issues, even within fiction, can affect so many people in that person's life in so many different ways.

Gina Karasek's The Girl in My Mirror is a true reality-bending narrative with powerful visuals that will linger in the reader's mind long after they have finished. Not to mention the awe-inspiring characters, such as Sarah, the best friend, who tries her best to support Derry through every difficult turn of events as they come. Karasek has successfully created a secondary character that every reader will wish they could have in their lives; she is willing to dispel her own logic and sacrifice so much in her life to fully support Derry during her decent into madness.

Gina Karasek has crafted a fantastic piece of fiction that will have the reader hooked on every last word. Just when the story appears to be heading in one clear direction a surprising twist shows its face and completely changes everything. The intrigue runs deep in every chapter, is it all just a dream, has the past been altered or is it all down to Derry's mental health? These questions and so many others will keep the reader completely invested until the very end.

Overall, this book is certainly an interesting read with a very in depth and all-consuming story with fantastic emotive images that will linger with the reader for weeks to come. Gina Karasek has created a unique psychological thriller which explores many different tropes and twists that only further enhance the story. This book is certainly a must read for anyone wanting to delve into the world of the unknown human psyche or even just the darker side of life.


"I heard the roaring in my ears and I knew it was coming but I couldn't convince my paralyzed body to move."

About the Author - Gina Karasek


Gina Karasek


Gina works full-time in IT and writes whenever she can find time. She spent several years living in the wilderness in her past life as a wildlife biologist. She loves geo-caching and Tang Soo Do karate (, and occasionally observing solar eclipses. When she fought her battle with breast cancer in 2015, she began to write to share her thoughts with others on her blog. She also loves to quilt and knit, but unfortunately rarely finds time for these activities anymore because of her wonderfully busy family life that includes her husband and five children.


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