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How to Train Your Knight

By Stella Marie Alden


ISBN: 9781619358041

Pages: 216

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

Date Reviewed: August 20, 2015




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Set in the romantic days of knights, ladies and kings, this story is all action and romance. Lady Ann is forced into a second marriage she doesn't want to a man she calls "The Beast." The only thing Lady Ann wants is to continue to guard her lands and feed her people when the King orders her to marry. Her wedding day starts with her cutting the man who was sent to get her for her wedding and goes downhill from there.

Sir Marcus cannot imagine why he is being forced to marry Lady Ann. He has never seen her and assumes because she is a widow, she is old and ugly. Their marriage ensures that he will gain control of her lands, but he doesn't want an old wife. He is amazed to discover that Lady Ann is young, beautiful and full of fight. He is attracted to her, but wonders if he'll live to consummate the marriage as the rumor is she killed her first husband. And if it proves to be true, he has been ordered to hang her.

This story is well-written and adds comedy to the romance. The dialogue between Sir Marcus and Lady Ann is flirtatious and funny, and makes the reader pull for their love even as they believe they can't stand each other. Sir Marcus sets out to find out if Lady Ann truly is a witch who controls others with spells or if her people truly love and respect her as much as it appears.

This is definitely a book for adults. There is suggested sex in the story, but nothing that is too graphic for readers.



"Be it so. Goodnight, wife. You can't ignore me forever"

About the Author - Stella Marie Alden


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Stella Marie Alden loves Zumba, yoga, watercolor painting, and fixing up her house. Growing up in Vermont, she loved to make up stories. Crayons fought each other over size and placement in their cardboard box and imaginary friends crowded the house. Her brother often complained, "Tell her no one's here, Mother."


Her career paths have varied. She's been a librarian, a classical clarinetist, recording studio engineer, broadcast electronics repairman, and now she architects software programs. She lives in Bergen County, NJ with her life-long hero and their two cats. Her two girls are grown but ever supportive. You go Mom!



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