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By Elizabeth Forkey


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Pages: 345

Date Reviewed: September 21, 2015




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In an unlikely combination of Christian, young adult and post-apocalypse genres, INFEC†IOUS really wins readers over. Sixteen year old Ivy is living with her Aunty, protected in a one square mile compound. Protected from murderers, rapists, pure evil, but that's not the worst of it, zombies. Well, at least Ivy refers to them as zombies, in private between her and her friends. A chain link fence is all that stops the "zombies" or infected from entering their private world. A world that is still safe from the rampant disease. A disease that everyone has in their blood.

However, the group that lives in Ivy's community doesn't show the symptoms of flesh rotting off their extremities. Their knowledge and devotion to Jesus Christ and his commandments keeps the disease at bay. It has healed them and their souls. They are referred to as the Living. But even in their own compound, they still are not safe. Money is useless. Items must be bartered for, food grown and clothing scavenged.

There are those in the world that believe that the Living are immune to the disease and will capture and experiment on those they can to try to find a way to cure the disease. Ivy deals with her sheltered life as best she can, until one day a close call almost leaves her captured in the very arms of evil. A picture found on the body of her attacker asks more questions than answers which starts a chain of events leading her to places she never imagined possible.

The only bad thing about the book is the ending which promises a sequel where Ivy will continue on her journey.



"Lucky me! I'm so happy I don't have to clean any stranger's toilets today so I can jump in the car and risk my life for a better wardrobe."

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Elizabeth Forkey is a Christian blogger, novelist, and an award-winning creative writing teacher (she has a keychain to prove it!). Her debut novel INFEC†IOUS is a Christian Post-apocalyptic Zombie Love Story and is the first book in The INFEC†IOUS Series.

Book two, IMMACULA†E is available now; and, the final installment, IMMANEN†, is expected to hit the shelves Spring of 2016. Elizabeth is also an award-winning sugar artist and cake sculptor and the mother of two very adorable, outspoken daughters. Read more of her inspirational writing at


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