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Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Clause

By Don Kennedy


Release Date: September 5, 2019

Pages: 44

Date Reviewed: November 9, 2020




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Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus by Don Kennedy is a funny and touching story readers of all ages will enjoy about a man playing Santa Claus. Written primarily for children and their parents, it will bring a smile to almost anyone's face. It will also make adults think for a moment what Santa means to their kids.

The book starts with, "For the past 25 years, I've volunteered as Santa Claus for organizations that did not have the funds to hire a Santa." Each chapter in Don Kennedy's short book tells a brief story about his 25-year long career as a volunteer Santa. He's not your typical mall Santa. Don Kennedy goes where ever children need a visit from Santa Claus during the holidays. He writes about visiting children as Santa on military bases, shelters, and hospitals.

He also speaks directly to parents and grandparents. Children hear more than their parents know and it often comes out when they're talking to Santa. Don Kennedy's 25 years as a volunteer Santa has given him a unique insight into how children's minds work. As Santa, he must have all the answers to any question. At times he shows how hilarious kids can be by simply being honest. Other times, readers are given an indication of how much children absorb of their world.

Don Kennedy's writing is simple with an easy flow. Readers will find it easy to read and hard to put down. There is even a place for parents to write down what their kids say to Santa. Kids Say the Darndest Things to Santa Claus is a light-hearted book that can also become a memento of your child's visits to Santa, and keep you entertained for years.


"I don't know of anyone I've known who just woke up one day and declared (to themself) that, "I'm Santa Claus!"

About the Author - Don Kennedy




Don Kennedy

Don Kennedy is a resident of Makaha Valley on Oahu, Hawaii. He was a long time Nevada resident: Reno, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he's a graduate of Concordia College. Kennedy is a member of the Hawaii Writers Guild. He's a first time author although Kennedy started writing as Editor of his High School newspaper and sports reporter for his local newspaper. He spent the next decade in the radio, TV and publications world. For the past 35 years he's been in the hospitality business as a Marketing executive in seven states: Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, California, Indiana, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

His passion for the past 25 years has been serving as a volunteer Santa Claus for charitable organizations that did not have the funds to hire a Santa: children's hospitals, boys & girls clubs, women's and children's shelters, military bases, schools, children's recreation centers, fire shelters, churches and everything in between. He loves to read and travel, especially anywhere with lakes and oceans. He's the proud Uncle and great Uncle to two nieces, a nephew, a great niece and a great nephew and also has an older brother. His book is a labor of love recalling first hand stories of kids spending time with Sant

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