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On the Spectrum

By Jennifer Gold



Pages: 336

Publisher: Second Story Press

ISBN: 1772600423

Date Reviewed: April 23, 2017

Release Date: September 12, 2017



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On the Spectrum is a great story. Captivating the interest in this age group is a challenge, but Jennifer Gold does it admirably. The reader jumps right in with Clara and her famous ballet mother. Clara has eating issues to deal with which are completely realistic to the average reader.


After a social media snafu, Clara goes to live with her father in Paris. Here she truly bonds with her six year old brother that she never really knew - who's on the austism spectrum. As Clara and Alistair grow together through the summer, they realize they have a lot more in common than the thought.


This excellent book could have received five stars but because of one section with foul language (enough to make it rated R current movie ratings) it drops the overall rating to three. There are instances of acceptable under age drinking and other curse words used throughout. An excellent story with great writing. Parents will need to consider if this book is appropriate for their children.


In addition to language, the main character Clara spends a lot of time with and goes on a date with someone over 21 years old. Although there is not inappropriate conduct between them, it is another factor parents should be aware of.



"He nodded, accepting the comliment as his due, and I considered how refreshing that was. No fake protestations, no blushing, no stammering of thanks. Just a nod, and a comfortable silence."

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Jennifer Gold has written many novels for the YA audience. A history buff, she also has degrees is psychology, law and public health. She lives in Toronto. She connects with her readers on Goodreads.

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