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By Jeffrey Thomas



Pages: 389

Publisher: Theatre of the Mind Books

Date Reviewed: January 6, 2020

Release Date: March 13, 2019



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Osiris by Jeffrey Thomas is not your usual science fiction novel. It might be set in outer space, but there is still recognizable technology. Airplanes are common on many of the inhabited moons and planets, along with other types of aircraft. Thomas has created a fantasy world that readers can identify with.

This is the first book in the Derek Cross series. Cross is the military commander aboard the Osiris spaceship, and he is a man with a complicated past. His character is well developed and gives readers insight into his thoughts and actions throughout the storyline. Cross and the other characters, both minor and major, are all believable and easy for readers to build a connection with.

Thomas uses vivid descriptions throughout the book. It is easy for readers to envision themselves on The Osiris or an outpost mining colony. The writing is sprinkled with humor from the characters, which only adds to their relatability.

One thing that makes this more than your average science fiction novel is its historical accuracy. Throughout the book, readers will find excerpts detailing the historical significance of certain ships and other names. For example, The USS Valley Forge. In the book, there is a plaque commemorating George Washington and his soldiers, with a brief history of the winter they spent at Valley Forge. The plaque goes on to denote all the vessels that have borne the name. Historical references in the book shouldn't be surprising. Thomas is an avid history buff. He is also a proud member of the Potawatomi Nation and embraces the history of the Native American tribe.

Jeffrey Thomas's Osiris is not only a science fiction novel, but it is also one filled with plenty of action and adventure. There are traitors on board the ship, and others along the way. Readers will find themselves laughing at some of the ways Derek Cross manages to get the upper hand and cringing when one of the characters doesn't survive.

Readers will be drawn into the world Thomas has created in this book. His writing style easily flows and the characters are believable. He doesn't create "perfect" characters, they all have their flaws. This is one of the things that makes this novel so enjoyable to read. The details for every scene in the book are vividly described. The storyline is also well developed without any lags in the plotline.

When you first pick up Osiris, you might believe that you are only getting ready to read another science fiction novel, but you will be pleasantly surprised. It is easy to get lost in the future that Jeffrey Thomas has created. Readers might find that it is hard to put the book down, once they've finished the first chapter.

As the first book in the upcoming series, Osiris will leave readers wanting more. Hopefully, the second installment in the Derek Cross series will be out soon, and not leave readers wanting more for too long. A breakout novel that will leave you wanting more.



" 'Yeah, I do still look pretty good, don't I?' JT said, wafting his hair like a model, unknowingly smearing grease in it."

About the Author - Jeffrey Thomas



Jeffrey Thomas spent ten years as a Research Scientist before moving into the IT field. He's served a number of companies as an IT Systems Engineer. He's written numerous technical articles across both careers, but what he really enjoys is reading and writing fiction - mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. He dabbles in many other genres as well. He lives in North Carolina with his wife, children and dogs.


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