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The Bold Business Book

By James Kademan

Star Marque Rising  


Pages: 300

ISBN: 978-0999025864

Publisher: Draw in Customers Business Coaching

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2019

Release Date: September 29, 2017



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Are you bored of the traditional business books telling you how to run your life and succeed in business? Then this book is certainly for you. The Bold Business Book by James Kademan is not one of those carbon copy business guides, instead it takes a personal look into the business world; after all a business is very personal to its owner. Kademan keeps the entire book informal and light-hearted while still comprehensively dealing with the issues that plague practically every business, young or established. This book allows the reader to personalize their learning experience with the goal orientated tasks that would suit their current or future business. This makes the book truly unique and a great long term investment; even after the fifth read the information and advice that Kademan gives can be applied in new ways and to new business ventures.

The author furthers the personal feel to this business book by including stories from his life and his businesses. James is not afraid to show the reader every aspect of his life and how it has impacted his business whether it was for the better or the worse. This book utilizes the belief that every experience, good or bad, can be used to learn and develop better and more successful business practices.

What makes the inclusion of these stories to the book a welcomed addition to advice is the practical and often personal nature of the stories. From tales about his father starting his own business to tales of less than helpful clients, this book covers them all offering advice and support if the reader ends up facing similar situations. Knowing that the author may have gone through similar issues when starting up and running his business offers a new level of credibility that other helpful guides may not have; James Kademan's word is one to be trusted when it comes to business.

James Kademan's The Bold Business Book stands out from other helpful business guides in that it not only looks at a person's practices when it comes to their company but also how they handle their personal life. This refreshing innovative angle will make the reader think in a new way not only about their company but their personal life too. After all the two work hand in hand and this book gives the reader the tools to succeed in all aspects.

However, it's not all work and business that finds its way into this book. Kademan incorporates insightful quotes from famous figures to unknowns which offers an added level of encouragement and motivation for the reader. Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time and the inclusion of these quotes gives just that.

Overall, Kademan has crafted the perfect book for new and established entrepreneurs to guide them to succeed and achieve not only their short term goals but their long term life goals too. The Bold Business Book is a must read for any business man, new or old.


"After more than a decade of being my own boss, one of the greatest insights I've discovered in meeting people from all over my little corner of the world is how the landscape is constantly evolving."

About the Author - James Kademan


James Kademan


Some authors just love to write. James happens to love writing and business. James Kademan doesn't write for everyone. He aims his writing at people that are looking to improve themselves and their businesses. He practices what he preaches and learns what to preach through real world experience. He owns multiple businesses, including Calls On Call, a call answering service for small businesses and Draw In Customers, a business coaching practice in Madison, Wisconsin. If you would like to get in touch with James he has a phone that gets answered at (608) 210-2221 as well as an email inbox that gets checked via Connect with him on social media.



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