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The Lion's Wisdom: A Channeled Text Toward Awakening Human Consciousness

By Uma Shankari

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Pages: 214


Date Reviewed: October 16, 2020

Release Date: September 10, 2019



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The Lion's Wisdom by Uma Shankari, the first published book by the author, will take readers on a spiritual journey that might seem familiar to some. The author doesn't take credit for her book, stating that the universe channeled the words through her. While this will be up to each individual to decide, there is no denying that The Lion's Wisdom is full of powerful messages. Each one imparts a unique understanding of what true reality is.

During a vision quest, the story's narrator meets a special lion. The magnificent, celestial creature asks the seeker, "Are you ready to carry my legacy?" Throughout the dream world that the narrator and readers travel through, they're introduced to discussions and thoughts on philosophical topics that include faith, happiness, and life.

Readers that are just becoming interested in spirituality and man's relationship with nature will find the philosophical discussions easy to understand and begin applying to their lives. Others that have read other New Age teachings will find the ones in The Lion's Wisdom familiar.

The lion speaks to the narrator about a reality that is different than the one she was taught. During one teaching the lion states, "To understand the truth, one must be still. It is from stillness that answers and wisdom arise." Those familiar with this concept will benefit from being reminded that the answers you seek often only reveal themselves when your mind and body are still. For others, taking a break from their hectic lives might be a concept foreign to them.

In a sense, this is what the author and narrator want to reveal to readers. To find the truth about the nature of reality we need to take a step back. What we think we see isn't always the truth and it applies to all aspects of life.

Each chapter in the book covers a different topic. Whether it is understanding all aspects of love, including self-acceptance, or learning how to ignore wounded pride, each bit of wisdom imparted by the glorious lion has an underlying message designed to help move all seekers along on the spiritual journey.

Author and seeker Uma Shankari has a unique writing style. The chapters flow smoothly together and the change in topics won't leave readers feeling disjointed. She does alter her tone throughout the book and this can be unsettling for some. The author does switch between speaking directly to readers and to using more placid and almost vague wording. However, even with this, it's hard to find fault with her debut novel.

If you are a fan of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and other similar spiritual books, you will enjoy The Lion's Wisdom and the truths it imparts.


"To understand the truth, one must be still. It is from stillness that answers and wisdom arise."

About the Author - Uma Shankari


Uman Shankari


Uma Shankari is a plant-based chef, channeler, author and an artist. She left her corporate career in 2014 to follow her spiritual path. No plan, no regret. She intuitively knew it was the right step. Since then she has embraced her ability to channel messages with larger yet personally relevant meaning. "The Lion's Wisdom" is her first publicly available book. When not channeling and writing, you'll find Uma either creating galactic art or in the kitchen putting her character and creative flair in to plant-based cooking. To learn more about Uma, including her in-person events, please visit her website.



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