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The Third Order

By Wendy Sura Thomson

The Third Order Cover  


Pages: 300


Publisher: Quitt & Quinn, Publishers

Date Reviewed: November 19, 2020

Release Date: September 25, 2018



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Get ready to travel the world in Wendy Sura Thomson's exciting and suspenseful novel The Third Order. If you love getting lost in ancient mysteries, then get ready to follow Maggie Fraser as she unravels secrets about an amulet.

Life was almost too perfect for Maggie Fraser. It started in New York City when she happened to meet the man of her dreams. It's the happiest time in her life, unfortunately, it doesn't last. Maggie's world is thrown upside down when tragedy strikes. Maggie doesn't know what to feel, her emotions in a tailspin.

By accident, Maggie has possession of a mysterious amulet. All she knows is that it's ancient, and unknown figures are chasing her for it.

In The Third Order, Maggie travels to New York, Michigan, Scotland, Italy, and London as she tries to uncover the secrets surrounding the amulet. During her travels, Maggie is also working on recovering from the events that destroyed her happy life.

Thomson's thrilling novel has mystery, secrets, and exotic foreign locations. However, it's also a story about a woman that is looking for acceptance, personal direction, and most of all inner peace. It is something that readers that have suffered a tragedy will identify with.The author's writing is expressive and she brilliantly captures Maggie's feelings shortly after the tragedy. It is what helps the novel resonate with readers. Her expressive writing is also what brings Maggie's travels to life. Readers will feel like their strolling through medieval Scottish castles or touring the streets of London and the Italian countryside.

Even though there are hundreds of books by other authors that send their protagonists on quests to solve ancient mysteries, and occasionally save humanity, Thomson's book is different. Throughout the story, Maggie Fraser is on two quests. One to find out why the amulet is so valuable, and who is pursuing her for it. The other is a personal quest and journey to discover who she is.

Readers that love the genre will appreciate the fresh take on it. Others will find that they may have a new author to appreciate. Anyone that wants to travel the world and solve a mystery without leaving their couch, will find it easy to escape for a while in the pages of The Third Order. Excellent read!


"It's odd what happens when a person is hit with such a deep and unexpected tragedy. It's as if someone pushes a reset button in your psyche. Your entire life seems to reset to zero."

About the Author - Wendy Sura Thomson




Wendy Sura Thomson is a 5-star author of Summon the Tiger, The Third Order, Ted and Ned, and a contributor to the 5-star anthology, Postcards From the Future. She lives in Michigan and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees fro University of Miami and Florida State, respectively. She resides with her two beloved Irish Setters and covets sipping coffee outdoors first thing in the morning, rain or shine, listening to the waterfall and the birds, and watching [often with amusement] the pups explore.



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