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The Fractured Earth - Apocalypse Makers Book 1

by Matt Hart


ISBN: 9781514643440

Pages: 126

Publisher: CreateSpace

Date Reviewed: Sept. 29, 2015

Release Date: July 1, 2015


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In this first book in the series, an EMP has ruined all electronics. Only older cars will run and electricity is gone. As panic occurs, Erin is introduced. She is a teenager who lost her parents and suffers from anxiety. To control her anxiety, she has learned martial arts and that comes in handy when she goes home from school to find her foster mother has turned into a "zombie" who attacks her.

Erin quickly packs a survival kit and leaves home. She witnesses other crazy people attacking and eating people. As she is walking to the marina, she is pulled into a house by two men. She quickly defends herself and meets Camo Joe as she calls him. He is an ex-military man with an arsenal of weapons he shares with her. They have to fight their way out of his home through a crowd of zombies.

Meanwhile, Mark is on the other side of the country and has been raised as a survivalist. He and his father are driving home when the EMP hits and the truck stops. His father is killed when they try to help a family and Mark saves several people. He meets Jen, who drives the others to a hospital as Mark starts his long walk home.

Unknown to anyone, this calamity has been caused by an alien race as a real-life survivor game show on their planet. These aliens have done this to other planets and enjoy watching the violence and terror that occurs as the situation becomes more dire.


"Turns out there really are aliens, and they have a wicked sense of humor. Unfortunately for us, it's the football-to-the-groin, mountain-biking-off-the-rooftop sort of humor. Misery, lawlessness, and terror on a global scale, that's what sells the alien equivalent of prime time satellite television across the galaxy. And unbeknownst to us, we all got signed on as extras to the apocalypse."

About the Author - Matt Hart


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Matt Hart knows a little about survival—especially what not to do.


- Don't try to hike out of a Nevada desert after your motorcycle gets stuck in the mud—better to head to the lake proper and find help. #heatstroke


- Don't try to jump over the icy river in your snowmobile—you'll end up standing chest deep in it, holding the machine against the far bank while your cousin rushes back to help you. #hypothermia


- Don't turn right when driving up Squaw Mountain—that first switchback is icy, deserted, and unplowed. #stuckatmidnight In addition to the above near-death experiences, Matt has survived a 14 foot motorcycle jump (alone, no helmet), being shot at (as a teenager, up a thirty foot tree), and having a three wheeler land atop him as he crashed onto a concrete sidewalk after a badly-thought-out jump. And there's the snakes, the black widow, the 90 foot drop off…

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