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What is Family?: on Sesame Street

By Craig Manning

What is family?: on Sesame Street  


Pages: 32

Publisher: Sourcebooks Wonderland

ISBN: 9781728210087

Date Reviewed: January 22, 2020

Release Date: April 7, 2020



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Written by Craig Manning with pictures by Ernie Kwiat, What is Family on Sesame Street? is a touching explanation of what makes a family.

The book is filled with familiar and beloved characters from the famous street. Each page discusses the make-up of different families. It encourages kids to be thankful for their families and reminds them how important it is to spend time together.

What is Family on Sesame Street? also covers the importance of love and acceptance. Whether it is a new family member or friend, everyone should be accepted, welcomed, and loved.

Craig Manning's rhythmic writing captures readers' attention. It is perfect for beginner readers and the concepts are easy for kids to understand. Ernie Kwiat's pictures bring Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and other friendly Sesame Street residents to life. Overall, the book is an educational and entertaining read.

"A HOME is love, hope, and family, and that's everything" is the last line in the book. It sums up everything kids need to know about home and family. A family is made up of those you love, even if you're not related. With love and kindness, your entire neighborhood could be part of your family. This is a lesson that all kids need to learn. A wonderful book that needs to be a part of your collection!



"A HOME is love, hope, and family, and that's everything"

About the Authors - Craig Manning



Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind the world-renowned children's program Sesame Street. With the mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, Sesame Workshop has worked with educators to develop programs tailored to the unique needs of children all over the world. Sesame Workshop works to teach the whole child, providing lessons on topics from ABCs and 123s to health, emotional well-being, and respect.

Craig Manning is an author, journalist, songwriter, and storyteller. He has written several children's books for iconic brands like Sesame Street and Peanuts, including the USA Today-bestselling Sesame Street story The Great Easter Race. He lives in northern Michigan with his wife and their three cats.

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