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The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters

By Mitch Frost (Author), Daron Parton (Illustrator)

Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters Cover  


Pages: 32

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

ISBN: 9781728210049

Date Reviewed: January 28, 2020

Release Date: September 1, 2020



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Written by Mitch Frost and illustrated by Daron Parton, The Ultimate Survival Guide To Bedtime Monsters addresses a very important topic in children's lives. There are monsters at night and this survival guide will help children conquer them.

Not only do the tips in the book work on monsters under the bed, "We are pleased to announce that these steps now work on closet monsters too!" Any parent knows how important it is to take care of all the bedtime monsters. If not, no one will get any sleep at night.

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Bedtime Monsters is a clever book. The ten steps children need to follow are the same ones kids fight their parents over every night. Who knew that cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, and taking a bath are effective methods at keeping monsters at bay?

The writing is easy for beginners to read and Daron Parton's illustrations are sure to bring a smile. After all, who can be afraid of a doughnut-shaped monster?

With the combination of Mitch Frost's writing and Daron Parton's drawings, this book is sure to make bedtime easier for parents and children now that the monsters are banished.



"We are pleased to announce that these steps now work on closet monsters too!"

About the Author and Illustrator - Mitch Frost & Daron Parton



Mitch Frost

Mitch Frost was born in the city, grew up in the country and couldn't work out which was better, so he moved to Canberra. Mitch has always been interested in writing and telling stories that empower children to embrace their inner resilience and strength. He is also a bit surprised he's bald given his above average level of Neanderthal DNA. Apart from writing children's books, Mitch works as a part-time monster researcher and holds a Doctorate in Monster Studies from the Australian Monsters University (AMU).


Daron Parton

Daron Parton - Born in the port city of Aden in Yemen near the Red Sea, son to parents hailing from Kent and Shropshire in the UK, a student at Central St. Martin's college in London and now living in Hamilton, New Zealand – all undoubtedly bring an unusual openness to his work. Daron has received recognition in the form of two merits in the 3×3 annual – one for a children's book, the other an advertising project. He cites no less than 13 artist/illustrators who inspire him and confesses to loving all jobs because variety is most definitely the spice of life. Similarly, Daron could be happy almost anywhere. The Cricketers Pub in Canterbury is a favourite, wandering through a museum, or on Aberdeen beach in the off season. If Helen Mirren pulled up on an Italian scooter wearing Versace, with a copy of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy under her arm, that too would put a smile on his face. Daron is married with two boys the latter possibly explaining why Triceratops is his favourite dinosaur.  


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